Strategic leadership and supervision to each department and ministry which is a part of the Mid-West Ghana Conference.
The Mid-West Ghana Conference (MWGC) offices are divided into 17 departments, ranging from Health to Children’s Ministries. Each department is involved in providing resources to local churches, assisting with evangelism, training, and coordinating significant events.

The (MWGC) administration team consists of the President, Executive Secretary, and Treasurer. This team is also supported by an Executive Committee (a board of Trustees) comprised of pastors, church members, and departmental directors who discuss and vote on important issues affecting the Conference and its operations.

I encourage you to visit each department and learn more about what they do as a department, read about upcoming activities, and learn how to get involved in their different initiatives.


Oversight and service in six key areas: church policies, missions, human relations, administrative operations, special projects/initiatives, and resources.
The Executive Secretary, who serves as an Executive Officer alongside the President and Treasurer, assists the President in providing for the Churches in our Conference in addition to fulfilling general administrative duties.

Key Functions:
·      Managing Human Resources
·      Preparing Executive Committee Agendas and Minutes.
·      Other subcommittee Agendas and Minutes.
·      To keep and promote the national and global policies of the Church.
·      Maintenance of Employee Service Records.
·      Coordinating with higher organizations in preparing employee retirement plans and benefits.
·      Processing employee Licenses and Credentials.
·      Organizing Companies and Churches.
·      Statistical records and archives.
·      Resource and training for Church Clerks.
·      Officiating at various functions, including Sabbath appointments for preaching etc.


Administrative and financial leadership of the Mid-West Ghana Conference, as well as a trustee and steward of the funds received.
As an associate officer to the President and executive secretary, the treasurer is elected at the quinquennial session of the Mid-West Ghana conference to regulate all money donated to the conference. These funds are used to support the Conference’s essential ministries, pay staff, and retain church assets.

Key Functions:
·      Provides financial counsel to the President
·      Prepares and presents monthly and quarterly financial statements to the administrative committee and Executive Committee of the Conference at meetings.
·      Custodian of all Conference assets and liabilities
·      Custodian of funds of auxiliary organizations
·      Assists church treasurers in maintaining strict reporting standards through workshops and seminars.
·      Supervises all bank transactions
·      Works on monthly and periodic appropriations to higher organizations
·      Aids in yearly Conference Audits by GICAS auditors.etc