The Mid- West Ghana Conference was established 1894; organized 1933; Reorganized 1986, 2015.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church, Mid-West Ghana Conference, oversees and coordinates the work of the Church in the Districts of the Bono regions of Ghana namely Abesim, Amaasu, Badu, Banda, Berekum Central, Berekum East, Berekum West, Chiraa, Dormaa Central, Dormaa South, Drobo, Jaman North, Japekrom, Nafana West, Nkrankwanta , Penkwase, Seikwa, Sunyani East, Sunyani North, Sunyani South, Sunyani South West, Sunyani West, Tain, Wamanafo, Wamfie, Wenchi East and Wenchi West. The Mid-West Ghana Conference is home to 19,131 members who worship in 120 Churches and 133 Companies. We exist to help people everywhere understand the Bible to find freedom, healing and hope in Jesus Christ.




The number of workers that started the Mid-West Ghana Administrative Unit were –Ministerial Credential (12), License Ministers (10), Missionary Credential (1) Missionary License (4), Bible Workers (5), Auxiliary staff (2), bringing the total number of workers to thirty –four (34). The Conference reorganization also gave way for asset sharing between old and newly created conferences.